Indulge in the Refreshing Flavors of Greek Frappé: The Perfect Beverage for Summer!


Indulge in the Refreshing Flavors of Greek Frappé: The Perfect Beverage for Summer!

What‌ are the key ingredients of a traditional Greek frappé?

Indulge in⁤ the Refreshing Flavors ‌of Greek Frappé:⁤ The Perfect Beverage for Summer!


Greek ⁢frappé is a‌ delicious‍ and refreshing‌ cold coffee drink that‍ is perfect‌ for⁤ a hot ⁣summer day. It originated ‌in‌ Greece ‍in the ⁤1950s, and it has since ‌become ‍a popular drink around the ⁤world. Made ⁤with instant coffee and water, the drink is easy​ to make ‍and can be customized ‌to your liking. Whether you​ are ‍lounging by the pool or spending a day at the beach, Greek ⁢frappé is the perfect beverage to keep ⁤you cool and​ satisfied.


  • 2‍ teaspoons of instant coffee
  • 2‍ tablespoons of sugar (or‍ to taste)
  • 1 cup of ​cold water
  • Ice cubes
  • Milk​ (optional)


  1. Add​ the instant coffee and sugar into a shaker or⁣ blender.
  2. Add a small amount of cold water to the ​shaker or blender.
  3. Shake or blend the mixture for about 10 seconds.⁢ You⁣ should​ see a thick and creamy foam form ⁤on top of the mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into a glass‍ filled with ⁤ice cubes.
  5. Fill⁢ the glass with cold‍ water and give it a ‌quick stir.
  6. Add milk ‍(if desired).
  7. Enjoy your delicious⁤ and refreshing Greek frappé!


‌‍ Greek ‍frappé is a ‍simple yet tasty beverage that is perfect for summer. With only a few ingredients,⁤ you⁤ can make a refreshing⁤ cold coffee drink that will keep‌ you cool and satisfied. Whether you are a coffee⁤ lover or not, you will surely⁣ enjoy ⁣the rich and creamy ⁣flavors of this drink. ‍So go ahead and try it⁤ out, and⁢ indulge ​in the refreshing flavors‍ of‍ Greek frappé this summer!

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