Sipping on Summer: Refreshing Greek Lemonade Recipe


Sipping​ on‌ Summer: Refreshing Greek Lemonade‌ Recipe

What are the ingredients needed to⁤ make Greek lemonade?

Sipping on Summer: Refreshing Greek ‌Lemonade Recipe

Summer ​is the perfect time for a ⁤refreshing‌ drink, and this Greek lemonade recipe is just what you‌ need to‌ stay cool and ⁣hydrated. Made with fresh lemon juice, ‌honey, and a touch of mint, this lemonade is not too sweet, not too sour,‌ and just the right amount of refreshing.

Greek lemonade


  • 6 cups ⁢water
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 6 to 8 lemons)
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
  • Ice, for serving
  • Lemon⁢ slices, for garnish
  • Fresh mint leaves, for garnish


  1. In a large pitcher, combine the water, lemon juice, honey, and mint leaves. Stir well until the honey⁤ has dissolved.
  2. Add ice to the ⁤pitcher and stir.
  3. Pour the lemonade into glasses and garnish with lemon slices and fresh mint leaves.
  4. Enjoy your refreshing Greek lemonade!

Thank you for ⁤trying out our Greek lemonade recipe! We hope it brings a refreshing⁣ touch to your summer. If ‍you ‌have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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