Indulge in the Rich and Creamy Flavors of Traditional Greek Frappé Coffee


Indulge in ​the Rich and Creamy Flavors of Traditional Greek Frappé Coffee

What is frappé coffee and how is it ‍traditionally made in Greece?

Are you looking for a ‌refreshing and delicious⁢ coffee drink that packs all of the traditional flavors of Greece? Look‍ no further than the⁤ classic Greek Frappé. ‌This icy beverage is a summer⁢ staple in Greece and is enjoyed ⁢by people of⁤ all ages. The rich and creamy flavors of the Frappé are the perfect​ complement to a hot summer day. Learn how to make this refreshing drink with our ⁤easy-to-follow recipe.



* 2 tsp instant coffee
* 2 tsp granulated sugar
* 1/4 cup of lukewarm water
* Ice cubes
*​ 1/2 cup of cold ‍milk
* Whipped cream (optional)
* Chocolate shavings (optional)


1. In⁣ a mixing bowl, add the instant coffee and sugar and mix well.
2.​ Add the lukewarm water and whisk vigorously until you get a ⁣frothy mixture.
3. In a tall glass, add 4-5 ice cubes.
4. Pour the frothy mixture over the ‌ice cubes in the‌ glass.
5. Add the cold milk to the glass and stir well to combine.
6. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings (optional).
7. Serve and enjoy your delicious ⁣traditional Greek ‍Frappé!

Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of traditional ⁣Greek Frappé coffee with this ‌easy-to-follow recipe. Perfect for ⁣a refreshing summer beverage, this beverage is sure to please your taste buds. So why not give ⁢this recipe a try and bring a touch of Greece to your home today!

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