Sip on Summer with Refreshing Homemade Greek Frappé Recipe


Sip on ⁤Summer with Refreshing Homemade Greek Frappé Recipe

What are the ingredients needed⁤ to ⁣make a refreshing homemade Greek frappé?

Summer is ⁢all about cool drinks and ‍refreshing treats. And ⁢to beat ⁤the‌ heat,​ there’s ⁣nothing better than a chilled glass of Greek ‌frappé. This ​delicious coffee-based drink is​ popular all over Greece and is ​a perfect way to ​enjoy the summer season. And⁤ the good news⁣ is,⁢ you can easily make this drink at home. ‌In this article, we’ll share with you a simple and tasty homemade Greek frappé recipe that you‍ can whip up in no time.

– 2 teaspoons instant coffee
– 2 teaspoons sugar
– 2 tablespoons⁤ of cold water
– Milk (optional)
– Ice cubes

1. In a tall glass, ⁢add ‍instant coffee and sugar. Pour in cold water and ⁤stir well ‍until the mixture ⁢is⁢ frothy and light⁢ brown in color.
2. Fill the glass with ice cubes almost to the top.
3. Pour in water, leaving enough space for the milk.
4. Add the milk (if ‌using) and stir well until everything is mixed together.
5.​ Serve immediately with a straw and‌ enjoy your homemade Greek frappé.

Greek frappé is a perfect blend of strong coffee, sugar,⁣ and milk that makes it a perfect drink on a hot ⁢summer day. With this easy​ recipe, you can now enjoy this drink at home without having to⁤ visit Greece. So,‍ go ahead and give it a try, and let ‍us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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