Delightful Greek Feast: A Perfect Recipe for a Memorable Dinner Party!


Delightful‌ Greek ⁤Feast: A Perfect Recipe for a Memorable Dinner Party!

What are some traditional Greek dishes that would be perfect for a dinner party?

Delightful Greek Feast

A Perfect Recipe for a Memorable Dinner⁣ Party!


Greek food is ​always a crowd-pleaser thanks to its bold flavors,‍ colors, and variety. It’s perfect⁢ for a dinner party that’s sure to impress your guests. This recipe⁤ features some of the most‍ iconic Greek dishes and flavors, and ⁣has been tweaked for an authentic taste. With⁤ a little bit of prep work, you can ⁢serve ‌up a feast ‌that will make your guests feel ⁣like they’re ‌on vacation in Greece. Opa!


  • 1 whole lamb (about 6-7lbs)
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of⁤ dried oregano
  • 1/4⁢ cup of dried thyme
  • 2 tbsp of salt
  • 1 tbsp​ of black⁢ pepper
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped
  • 2 onions, sliced
  • 4 tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 peppers, sliced
  • 1 cup of feta cheese, crumbled
  • 1 cup⁣ of kalamata olives
  • 1 cup of tzatziki sauce
  • 1 cup of pita bread, ⁢sliced


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
  2. Place‍ the lamb in a roasting pan and rub it with olive oil.
  3. In a small⁢ bowl, mix together the⁢ lemon juice, oregano, thyme, salt, and pepper. Pour the mixture over the lamb, making sure⁣ to coat it well.
  4. Add⁣ the sweet potatoes, onions, ‌tomatoes, and‍ peppers​ to the pan, arranging them around the lamb.
  5. Cover the pan with foil and bake for 2-3 hours, or⁤ until the internal temperature of the lamb reaches at‍ least 145F. Baste the lamb ‍every 30 minutes with ⁤the juices in the pan.
  6. Remove the foil and⁤ top the‌ lamb ​with feta cheese and kalamata olives.
  7. Return to the oven and bake⁣ for an additional 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the‌ lamb ‌is ⁤golden​ brown.
  8. Serve the lamb with tzatziki sauce and pita bread.

Enjoy your Greek feast!

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