In this episode of our ‘Weird & Wonderful’ Hotel Series, where we stay in the quirkiest and most obscure accommodations that we can find, we stayed in a Greek inspired hotel in which you get around BY KAYAK! This lovely place is located in Pai, Thailand. Pai, which is the first stop on our Mae Hong Son Loop road trip, is a beautiful town. This hotel has raving reviews – but the real selling point for us was definitely the kayaks! Want to get to the pool? Take your kayak. Head for breakfast? Take the kayak! This place really surprised us and made for a fun little get-away whilst exploring Pai.

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00:00 Introduction
00:57 Arrival at Location
26:36 The Next Day
29:12 Outro

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  1. Such a lovely video! So much fun!! That bathroom was huge! We wouldn’t mind the Ed Sheeran 😂😍 Congrats again on reaching 4K subs! You guys Deserve it!!❤️

  2. You guys are too sweet! Always nice things to say! This hotel is such a strange place. Purple walls and abandoned places, my goodness, what can I say. The breakfast actually seemed amazing! I want some pad Thai at 9 am!

  3. Hi Adriana and Dylan. Congrats on reaching 4K. Great video loved the kayak. Adriana you had me laughing when you talked about the building being completely,incomplete LOL. 🙏😎

  4. I am not sure which hotel you enjoyed least, the $4 per night or this one. I would guess that breakfast saved the stay. I enjoy the work you two are doing. You both deserve at least 200k subscribers.

  5. In Chiang Mai, there are only 2 people infected with COVID-19.. today.. very few. You guys can travel comfortably.. have fun.. I want you guys to stay here for a long time. Thai people like it.

  6. You gotta love having a hotel room where you can walk out on the porch and then jump into a kayak for a ride! Looks like you're having fun in Pai. We love that area of Thailand too! Gar and Ann

  7. Weird and wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing. Regarding the tree, if you knick into the tree a little bit you’ll get a white sap. That’s papaya :). In Thailand, I find you just have to roll with whatever comes up. Sabai Sabai

  8. A lot of Thai tourists will go to Pai around November- December
    The weather is so nice around 15 °C
    and there’re many interesting place in Pai
    Hope to see you guys visit all of them

  9. Absolutely wierd but nice .. I though may be not much foreigners stay so they didn't prepare afternoon tea may be it's not thai culture ? That thing i though a papaya tree …

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