1. Daddy Jack, I've seen comments where people insist you need better audio/video production. Well….maybe….I can't say that would be a BAD thing. But one thing for sure: I LOVE the way you do it, because it's just like being IN THE KITCHEN WITH YOU! By best friend is a chef with 25 years experience, and I've stood beside him in more HOT kitchens in Memphis, TN than I care to remember, and this reminds me of that so much! The sights and sounds are so REAL. I only wish I could smell and TASTE them!! Keep on doing what you're doing!

  2. Chef you really need a sharp knife to cut that whole chicken and remove the backbone. The duller the knife the easier it is to cut yourself, or hurt yourself. Otherwise this chicken recipe looks great. Cheers P.S. Please when handling raw chicken, do wash your hands before you put your hand in the salt and pepper container, you can very easily make someone very ill.

  3. w/o looking, I betcha the x-kontaminashun comments will be off the wall, and maybe the Camera critics will be sharing their love. Daddy, you must be a tough dude to put up with the snowflakes.

  4. Love you, Daddy Jack. Geez, I remember watching you on the PBS channel for Sat or Sun afternoon, whatever it was, when you did the videos in your house, YEARS ago. Remember? Well, I MUST get to Chaplin's or Daddy Jack's in New London!!!!! –gv xxoo

  5. hey Daddy Jack, you guys open this Saturday? or you have different hours due to holidays? I'm going to bring my son out for a meal if you're open… we been watching and can't wait to come try since stuff. keep up the great work and videos!! thanks!!!


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