Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) revisits Caribbean food by trying Trinidadian food again at Mia’s Kitchen in Manhattan Beach, CA! Mia’s Kitchen specializes in making Trinidadian and Tobagoian food. This restaurant serves many authentic Trinidadian favorites like chicken roti, doubles, oxtail stew, and goat curry roti, many of them which you can find as street food in Trinidad Tobago. As of this video, Mia’s Kitchen is the only restaurant in Los Angeles that specializes in Trinidadian cuisine.

What is Trinidadian and Tobagoian food like? What are the must try Trinidadian foods? Find out in this episode that is Greek food for beginners.

Episode: What is Trinidadian Food Like? | Trying Trinidad and Tobago Food (Part 2)!

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Mia’s Kitchen:

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  1. This is definitely not Trinidadian food the way she cooked, presented, calls the food etc…..nothing is authentic Trinidadian food about this…..she doesnt even seem to understand what she is saying….

  2. Singh Roti Shop in Queen NY is one of the best Trinidad restaurant up there, give it a visit you will get the real deal, Realy nice that you visit her restaurant two time, even tho she might not be the cooking as most trini does, it still nice to see my people on there, stay bless and safe

  3. I love how ur responses are always respectful in the comments. Thanks for trying our food 🇹🇹 Hopefully u can come here one day & taste the best of the best❤️. Keep up the good content i hope ur channel blows up & prospers❤️.

  4. Allyuh does complain bout everything yes. If anything a foreigner would believe by this comment section is that t&t just have fussy people. Obviously access to the same ingredients we have locally wouldn’t be the same abroad.

  5. Ok so the only thing there from Trinidad is the drinks. She cannot be from Trinidad and the food doesn't look at all like Trini food. That Roti an curry looks horrible. The food looks more like Jamaican cooking.

  6. ok after watching I recommend you do your research on Trinidad and Tobago history and our foods and delicacies b4 visiting any restaurant seriously learn how to pronounce our country name properly . Had u done research you would have known what your eating is mediocre

  7. There is no fixed method in preparing Trinidadian food… Standard ingredients yes, methods no… that’s why the food experience throughout Trinidad and Tobago is so awesome… She represented well…


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