If you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s, you probably don’t really know what it is. I definitely didn’t know what it was before I went there. A friend asked if it was a health food store. Uh huh. It is. I show you all of the nutritious food and my favorites that I buy!

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  1. I know roasted coconut chips are so good. We have whole foods where I live. And yearly Greek food festival lmao 😂you blurred him out. I love goat milk which ironically is commonly drunk in Greece. I wish we could seen how the pizza turned out

  2. What wonderful video! My Vitamin D is low and I wanted to get it naturally from foods nit pills. Im on my way to Trader Joe's right now to load up on these healthy substitutes!

  3. Thanks! We don't have Trader Joe's in Canada so I shop at ones in Washington when I'm down. I can't buy the frozen stuff though:( I'm all over the Cowboy Bark whenever I see it. Loved the pumpkin pancake mix Trader Joe's had out last fall.

  4. Fun shopping trip. I wish the Trader Joe's by us was bigger because they have a great selection of healthy options. I love the mint chip mini ice cream sandwiches!! I'm trying to go gluten-free and it's nice to have variety- I feel like I buy the same things every week. Fun fact- I only enjoy eating vegetables raw but the only cooked vegetable that I absolutely love are brussel sprouts. 😂😂😂
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. 👍👍

  5. I never to that store… and never had goat milk either. Will try both both…lol. What you want for Christmas? I always for shopping for myself so I … get I want. I want a new bedspread!

  6. Idea! We’ve seen Sabrina do your makeup in the past. What if Eric were to do it? He could follow a YouTube tutorial of his choosing, be it Jeffree Star, a goth chick, Tati, or some teenage girl wearing ALL the makeup. It’d be hilarious!

  7. Hi Sarah, I would love you to go carolling somewhere you choose. I love you singing, such a beautiful voice & your smile makes my heart melt. Hope you & your family have the best Christmas ever. Love from Australia.

  8. The prices there are better than I thought. Thanks for taking us shopping with you. Nice to meet you Eric. No GOATs were harmed🐐 during this video, right?

  9. I shouldn't watch your videos at 4am, now I'm hungry! I love goat cheese on pizza but not sure about drinking it? I'm loving your vlogmas videos though ❤ I would love a cooking video like you've done in the past 😍🙋‍♀️

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