This New World armoring XP guide will show you everything to need to know about the armoring trade skill in New World.

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If you were wanting to know the best way to level armoring in New World, this guide will show you how. There aren’t any New World armoring glitches or exploits to abuse, but if you know what you’re doing you can minimize the cost of leveling this trade skill.

The fastest way to level armoring in new World is with boots. You’ll see in the video. It’s definitely not a New World cheat for armoring but it’s the most efficient way out of all the options.

Getting to max level armoring takes forever, but at least it’s not as expensive as leveling jewelcrafting.

It’s the best New World armoring xp farm trick. You’ll get fast armoring XP in new world using this method.

Now you know the fastest way to level up armoring in new world.



  1. crafting is sueless until lvl 60, and 200 crafitng level. there is no crafted gear for level 50, it goes staright to level 60's when you hit lvl 150. its dumb

  2. I found that the course leather boots to be the more efficient one to use to level my armory. Because there are a lot more animals than hemp, and I can procure more leather with the tanner set.

  3. This video pretty much confirms my issue with the crafting system in the game. It's as you say that it feels really bad to be pumping out what feels like thousands of low level boots because the xp provided by higher tier item crafts always require more base materials regardless.

    They need to rebalance how much base materials (iron ore, fiber, rawhide) it takes to refine upwards make it so that the crafts using higher-tiered materials are at least worth it. It already has a side expense of refining to higher tiers with reagents and possibly having to move around settlements that even have the required tier to refine. As it stands, I should just sit around Monarchs, farm a shitload of iron, rawhide and fiber at select areas until I am 200 armoring, weaponsmithing, engineering, etc.

  4. The linen shoes is soooo wrong… Goodness. Don't do this guys. Make linen shirts or Coarse leather shirts depending on what type of materials (linen/leather) is more abundant for you. Again, don't do shoes. My goodness!

  5. You can also do Linen Pants which is exactly 2x the materials required to make linen shoes and exactly 2x the amount of exp, so you don't have to craft/salvage as much making those and it costs the same mats/exp ratio.

  6. I actually think one of the best places to farm starmetal is in that hidden grove area, theres 4 starmetal nodes there and they all respawn quite quickly, I got about 100 ingots worth in maybe an hour if that.

  7. For most people who are trying to level up fast they are going to be buying materials. You should have a cost breakdown. Also steel is the hardest of the 3 armor types to get a hand on, not sure why anyone would recommend making steel armor to level up. Both sateen and rugged leather are cheaper and easier to obtain.

  8. okay so something im finding unclear. do i make linen footwear all the way to max level? or do i stop and change at some point?

    First part of the video indicatged that all you do is make linen footwear but then you went on to detail other things. thanks for clearing it up!

  9. There is no reason at all to craft greens at your level to use them. Armine expedition or obelisk replicas use level 25/35 item from those dungeons but when you craft the armor its way lower level around 20, I don't know why they made it that way. Even if you use tier 4/5 silk, metal etc. It's still lower level than the dungeon you have to get into to get the blood/dust to craft it.

  10. This Channel deserves to be known by every new world players
    You are carrying everyone, or at least helping a lot when we ask ourselves questions like that
    This is why anytime someone ask something about crafting or farming on chat i show them ur channel

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