The Plate Lunch is a MUST if you travel for food and is Hawaii’s version of fast food. Consisting of two scoops of rice, macaroni salad and an entree of your choice, plate lunches are delicious and substantial. They are also great for budget-conscious travelers are they are usually very reasonable.

Today we visit 6 places in Honolulu that serve good plate lunches.

Rainbow Drive In
Poi Bowl
Naty’s Kitchen
Nico’s PIer 38
St Louis Drive In

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  1. There is no such thing as Hawaiian curry! That is Asian curry. If a dish doesnt have a Hawaiian name, its not Hawaiian!
    Like many places in the pacific, Hawai'i is over-run with Asians (60% or more of the population is Asian versus only 8% of the population is Hawaiian), therefore many restaurants prepare Asian food… just because you eat it in Hawai'i, it doesnt make it Hawaiian food.
    Katsu, musubi, teriyaki, chicken long rice, sashimi etc…. all Asian food, no more Hawaiian than other popular foods considered "Hawaiian", such as hamburger steak or loco moco (which is a southern dish actually) or chili.
    Hawaiian refers to an ethnicity, only someone who is a descendant of kanaka maoli (polynesian) is Hawaiian and only our traditional foods should be referred to as Hawaiian. Again, unless a dish has a Hawaiian name, it should NOT be referred to as Hawaiian.

  2. They all look really tasty, but I'm confused on why they're called "plate lunches" since most of them appear to be served in tv dinner trays or styrofoam containers, not plates XD the thing that came closest to a plate appeared more like a deep soup plate.


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