Cucumber tzatziki flavoured maki with Greek style dipping sauce. Greek-Asian fusion original vegan dish! 👀 my other 🥘 on and if you enjoyed the recipe share it with a friend.
Method and ingredients: Boil 100gr of a large grain rice like risotto or sushi rice. Set aside to cool and sprinkle with dill, oregano and garlic (one large clove will do). Set a rolling mat on a flat surface. Peel a large cucumber with a peeler in broad slices and make a mesh laying the peels side to side and across. Place some kitchen paper on top of the cucumber and push to absorb the moisture. Place a small quantity of rice on the cucumber and roll tight. Cut in consistent slices (about an inch high). Make a dipping sauce using 2/3 virgin olive oil 1/3 wine vinegar and sprinkle with dill.
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