We spent the day sampling some incredible Cretan food in Chania on our very own DIY food tour. We started at Pallas for breakfast where we tried some Cretan cheeses, Dakos, and greek coffee.
After exploring Chania (and trying to burn off some of those calories) we tried the Greek version of donuts: loukoumades. We tried the traditional version but there were plenty of other tasty varieties to sample.
We finished off strong with an incredible dinner in the Old Venetian Harbor. We started off with a very special cretan dish: snails! The snails, called chochlioi boubouristi, are simple and tossed with rosemary and Cretan olive oil but they are TASTY. We also had Sfakianes pites, a type of flat bread stuffed with cretan cheese. We later learned that raki is also used in the recipe. For the main course, we had possibly the tastiest dish we had the entire time we were in Greece (and trust me, we had a lot of incredible food): Kleftiko. This version was stuffed inside phyllo dough and contained the most incredible roast lamb, cheese, and potatoes. We dream about this dish, if you have just one food from this video, we highly recommend this one.
And, of course, we washed it all down with raki and orange cake (Portokalopita) and greek ice cream which came complimentary with our meal – something that seemed to happen in several establishments in Chania. It’s really the best way to end a meal. If you’re looking for the places we ate at during this food tour, I’ve listed them below:

1) Pallas (ΠΑΛΛΑΣ)
2) Loukoumades (in the Venetian Harbor near the fountain)
3) Taverna Kavouras (Κάβουρας)


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  1. We had such a great time in Chania and in all of Crete. Although we tried as many cretan dishes as we could in this video, we were eating souvlaki and gyros most days (and they were soooo good!).


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