How is tourism in Greece after coronavirus? Summer 2020 holiday vlog
Traveling to Greece after Covid-19? Travel during Covid 19? Holiday in Greece in Summer 2020? Flying to Greece in summer 2020? Holiday during a pandemic? Traveling to Greece or Europe in summer 2020? Curious about travel restrictions during Coronavirus? Curious about the tourism in Greece this summer? Worried about Covid-19 test?

In this video I will share with you my experience traveling by car and flying to Greece. I will share with you how did the Covid-19 test went, what is the travel document that you have to fill in, how hard is to get in the country? What are is the current situation, travel and Coronavirus restrictions?
The points in this video are:

1. Arrival
– Experience Air vs car
– Filling in forms forms
– Covid-19 tests

2. Transport
– Really important that there is No Uber in Halkidiki, Greece
– Renting a car

3. Hotels & Accommodation
– Price Greece of hotels in Greece
– Occupation of the hotels in Halkidiki area

4. Local Attractions aka The Beach
– Beaches in Halkidiki + Prices

5. Coffee
– Most typical coffee in Greece + Prices
– Coffee culture in Greece
– Price increase after covid-19

Also, I want to share with you the most beautiful Beaches in Halkidiki, Greece where I have been, show you how many tourists are there at the moment, how the situation has changed compared to last year and give you an honest review. All this through my Summer 2020 Vlog.


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  1. I am planning to visit Greece and Turkey in September, I am wondering is public transportation running between the countries like buses or a train? Or is it still necessary to hop on a flight between countries? Because from my understanding the land border between Turkey/Greece is open. I am just not sure because I am from Canada and have never been to Europe before.

  2. Love this vlog Vasi! Very thorough and the beaches look so beautiful. I wish we could be having an espresso near the beach right now! (I didn't know it comes with water)

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