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Just when we thought all of our summer holiday hopes were dashed, Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said the country’s tourist season will officially kick off in June, just in time for the peak period.

Mitsotakis said in an address on Wednesday: “The tourism period begins on June 15, when seasonal hotels can reopen.

“Let us make this summer the epilogue of the [COVID-19] crisis.”

As well as hotels reopening in mid-June, the PM added that international flights to popular locations would resume in July.

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  1. Dont believe the number of the cases is given by the Greek ministry of health. They couldn't know exactly how many exist because they dont have the proper equipment to do… Even a short look in Wikipedia Corona map about how other countries count the cases day by day and how Greece does is enough to see some big difference in the diagram…. So you should think it better to go to Greece… Things may not so good as many people want to show

  2. It sounds very good having a holiday but I don't think many British people will bother not after the the stupid measures that have been put in place by some fukwit within the government, after being herded through the airport with less dignity than animals going to the slaughterhouse having toxic chemicals sprayed over you and being put in front of live X-rays I think when you get to your destination you will be in bed for the two weeks because you are now ill so not a good prospect going abroad anymore I've travelled abroad for years but I won't be bothering again

  3. kinda sad that he's gotta reopen the country and sacrifice his people somewhat to keep the country afloat because holiday makers are more valuable than his own population.

  4. greece just needs every ones money or there screwed as germany ass raped them few years back and turkey open there borders god knows the state of there country atm

  5. since few days, several country's are starting to announce to open the border for truism. I can understand how this virus had a big impact to the truism sector but how I could enjoy a holiday thinking that a virus it's still around us killing people???!!!

  6. The Greek economy really is very dependent upon the tourist money. This sends the wrong message .
    "We are desperate for your money… We do not care if you or our people get sick and die…. "

    So what about the lockdown after the holiday? Will the facilities be up and running ? I expect the prices to be rock bottom as I cannot see many people going on a holiday this year. A vaccine will not be ready till spring summer of 21 at best. I am not going on a plane/holiday until after that is ready.

  7. Wouldn't want to visit Greece again…the Beach and stuff was lovely but the people weren't soo hospitable and we faced discrimination soon as we got to the airport….never again. I've been to Turkey twice and Morocco and the people over there are amazing.

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