TRLE Back to Basics 2015 : Greece – The Lost Tomb of Pandora Walkthrough

Level By : Sabatu

Lara traveled to Greece. She wanted to find The Lost Tomb of Pandora and her mystical box. Can she survive all traps and find the prize?

I used to do the walkthrough for this one. But lack some secrets. And now I decided to redo and make some BTB 2015 Greece Levels. The beginning area is really gorgeous. it’s short, though. It’s still a decent adventure 😀

Seeking List :

1:29 Secret #1 – Shotgun
3:16 Bluestone Key
4:09 Shotgun
7:39 Old Rusty Key
7:49 Secret #2 – Uzis
11:27 Uzis
11:47 Lyre
13:42 Hades’ Eye
15:59 Secret #3
16:15 Hades’ Eye
17:33 Ornate Bronze Key
20:03 Pandora’s Box

Event Page :

Time to go through Greece levels again! Lovely~

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  1. Dude please list me the ost under this! That ambient track is so incredibly soothing also this is a great level! Ive also loved the tibetan monastery and ice castle levels omg so much creativity in one dude!!! Please tell me theres a way to support your channel its incredible what you do. Im so full of love and joy after each little snippet that you do. You brought my childhood back to me! I wish you'd do heavy metal fakk2 and oni as well. And then all my wishes would come true. These 2 games really left a void in me hence both of them shouldve gotten a sequel they never did. Same with the old school tomb raider games. Thank you thank you thank you so soooooooo much. Bless you.

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