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Ja Rule has taken some major Ls in his day — but this one may take the cake. The Murder Inc. rapper is using his talents to help hawk Greek food and Twitter is having a field day with the video.

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  2. Ja is a stand up dude. As real as they come and a great family man. People with good hearts are always hated the most in today's world.

  3. TBH the more and more I see this it's funny but this is going to open up doors for him.

    A lot of y'all gotta get off the 50 brainwashing train and think for yourself. This is actually for a TV show.

  4. Obviously the commercial is cheesy on purpose. It's for a local restaurant and local businesses have wack commercials. Ja is simply keeping that theme. It feels like a comedy sketch.

  5. That place is AMAZING and it sucks that they're suffering so much. Thanks, Ja, for bringing attention to this delicious LA spot. I'm looking forward to the next time I can participate in their Big Fat Greek Dinner. I might have to send my s/o over for some gyros and roasted garlic and peppers.

  6. This is what happens when you assume Sh#t about people & their business instead of minding your own. 50 Why don't you stop overshadowing all of your work with these sad social media Vaudeville Acts!


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