I’ll show you how to make the best grilled chicken EVER w/ 3 easy marinade recipes… take your pick!
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  1. My wife and I have been foodies our entire lives. We met when we were 17 and I struck the wife jackpot! Beautiful and she’s by far the best cook I’ve ever seen. One of the things that brought us close so quickly was our shared passion for food. We now have been married for 14 years, with 3 kids, and our passion for food has only grown (just like my waistline 😂). Not trying to kiss your ass too much but you have inspired us in many ways. I watch all of your videos and I have now gotten my three children watching as well. Two weeks ago my three kiddos and I snuggled up in the living room and watched at least ten episodes. When the ole ball and chain leaves for the weekend I look to you for something yummy to cook for the kids. You have inspired my wifey to start her own YouTube cooking channel in the future. Hopefully you chose us to come hang out and we can enjoy several (if not many) cocktails! Thanks for all the inspiration and any advice for my wife starting her own culinary career.

  2. Every.Single. Time. I make chicken rather it be on the grill or the air fryer, I always make 3-5 different kinds of chicken!! You’re my spirit animal 🦔 🦒 🦓…. Swear! 🙌🏼

  3. the yogurt version went from looking like the upset stomach I had this morning to looking like an omelette, after refrigeration, to Mustard, on the grill, to looking like scrambled eggs, as they came of the grill

  4. I don't know what happened to my middle eastern chicken but it seemed like it could have used some salt. I'm not sure if I should put some season salt on the chicken before adding the marinade or just add salt to the marinade. I do have a thumbs up on this vid and I am going to try all 3. Thanks for the great channel Sam.

  5. I made the beer one and the yogurt curry one.
    The yogurt curry one was friggin money!
    I made the mistake of using a really bitter double IPA for the beer one. I tasted the marinade after I mixed it and almost dumped it down the drain because it was so bitter. I was able to save it by adding a bunch of sugar and more honey. The chicken turned out OK, but not my favorite. If you make this one be sure to use a more neutral beer like a Lager.
    I love the way the yogurt curry one turned out. I can't wait to make that for a party soon. I know it will be a hit. Thanks Sam! You rock Dude!

  6. Yesssss to that last comment!!!
    As someone thats been eating chicken religiously for bodybuilding (9 years) I can say chicken breast is soooo damn bland and dry!! Chicken thighs are soo much more tastier and easier to go down.

  7. Only time to try the “chicken one” tonight and I have probably mangled the spice ratios, but am so looking forward to putting this on the grill in about 20 minutes. Cheers Sam and Max

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