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  1. The undisputed longest term pankration champion was a man nicknamed 'fingertips.' His signature move was to snap his opponents fingers while grappling. Most would surrender shortly thereafter.

  2. I'd want to go witness the boxing match with the guy who won the ever throwing a punch he just kept slipping in dodging until his appointed gave up from exhaustion

  3. There was a time when each city state would have its own units of measurements or the same unit name but different lengths and weights attached. Much argument I would imagine.

  4. 2:13 huh, why are the runners cut off? Oh, we are not supposed to see willies? Pathetic.
    4:10 oh, now we are acting as if they all where not naked? This reeks of falsification of history. The greec ran naked.

  5. Naked Pankration must have been brutal. Only biting and gouging banned nothing against hitting in the down under

    …i would have gone to see it

  6. The hall of shame is real. The plaques were along the entrance into the track itself. The idea was one last final reminder to compete fairly or have your reputation ruined for all eternity.

  7. Poor horrible existence only thing that gives toy some relief is knowing they knew nothing else. Pretty much how our great great grandchildren will look at us in the future 😂

  8. Kind of weird how cheating in a game to pay tribute to Zeus is punished by flogging or exemption. While seeing the game as a married you get thrown of a cliff…

    I mean, what’s the deal there? The logic?

  9. You should really check out the Epic History channel. History of Russia (PARTS 1-5) would be a good start but generally speaking all videos / series (Alexander the Great, Naploeon…) are worth checking out.

  10. Is it true that the Spartans were banned from competing in pankration? I've heard that the obsessive military training meant that they were more likely to unintentionally kill their opponent, because they would instinctively perform techniques that they'd been taught for use on the battlefield

  11. A lot of old, unjust laws barring women from public event/life especially married ones came from the fact that without DNA testing only women know who the father of their children are-> The husbands wanted to limit the amount of men their wives came in contact with. This is why we must understand tradition, custom(why was it created, where did it came from) to then change it to something better more suited for our time not just destroying it

  12. Pankration was definitely brutal. Arrichion of Phigalia won in 568 and 564 BCE, but in 564, he died of injuries sustained in the final within seconds of his opponent yielding.

  13. I'm surprised that they depicts women among the spectators and unveiled in public. H,N, Turteltaub's novels, which are well researched, report that free women wouldn't do that under most circumstances.

  14. Another thing winners get was a statue of the sport. They would get a statu of "them" in their sport but with no diserning characteristics of them, as a way to represent the glory of the sport and not the individual, this tradition was expressed in every statue they made, to never portray individuals but what is beyond them (gods, sports, festivals, etc), but this changed with romans.

  15. 10:13 that discus throwing is like the worst animation i have ever seen
    why does the disc stop as the camera pans?
    why does it then start moving?
    why does it alternate between going up and down?
    why does it suddenly lose all its momentum and go straight down??
    i mean come on dude

  16. 10:03
    Not a long jumper, but a Physics nerd. Yes, I should think it helps. It's Newton's third law of motion: For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction
    If we throw stones backward toward the end of the jump, then the same amount of force that pushes the stones back is going to add to our forward thrust
    It's the same logic behind rockets shooting out jets of gas to push themselves forward and guns recoiling when they fire a round
    (Of course, it's a reasonable question whether this extra thrust that comes from chucking stones backward is really better than the extra acceleration it'd be easier to build up right from the start if we ran without carrying the extra weight)
    Edit: Shoutout to Negreb Negreb who wrote a comment with this same explanation before I did

  17. a sharp disk could be very damaging if it has a sharp edge just look what can happen if a angle grinder disk explodes it can be deadly and those arent sharp but travels very fast

  18. I'm sure someone will cover this but the discus was once a weapon. The sides were razor sharp though and would cut or serve extremities. I'm imagine a frisbee with razors (see a terrible film from the 80's set in Hawaii)

  19. I can see that weights could sort of propel you forward but I can't imagine you would be able to run as fast. I feel like you would jump farther without weights.

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