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Karagouna – This dance comes from the plains of Thessaly. The name Karagouna comes from the Turkish word “kara” for black to describe the women’s clothes. Karagouna is a flirtatious couples’ dance where the men dance in a line behind the women’s line. In the days before dating, young people might meet and dance in the village square after church, to get acquainted.
Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Murrieta, California sponsored their Annual Greek festival at Old Town Temecula Civic Center on Saturday and Sunday, October 12th & 13th, 2019. The event was Outstanding with awesome entertaining by the Superb Greek band “The Olympians”. Special Folk Dance Performances by St. Nicholas dance group ~ “Ta Pedakia (young children) and Evdokia, the event also had Superb Greek Gourmet Foods, Low-Calorie Pastries, and a great variety of Spirits as well as Greek cooking demonstrations, various merchants selling unique merchandise and kids’ games!! Congratulations to the Festival Committee for a Great job for the Temecula Greek Festival event!! The Greek Food and Pastries – Outstanding, Spirits – Awesome (Great Choices), live entertainment by The Olympians – FABULOSO, Performances by the church groups – Outstanding, Vendors – Great as they had a variety of selling unique merchandise, Kids Games and Live Animals – WOW!!!
This Festival was truly Superb, a Great Event for an Entire Family to Enjoy!! ΟΠΑ Video captured on Saturday, October 12, 2019 in H.D.



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