A city favourite is in full effect as the Taste of the Danforth takes over an east end neighbourhood with the sights, sounds and smells of all things Greek.



  1. I would love to go there. But all the recent gun crime in Toronto is prevented me from doing that how can I exercise my charter of rights and be able to eat this food without the fear of being shot at. Like I said I went to my local store bought a whole whack of chicken and doing my own kebabs today because I'm just too afraid to be downtown.

  2. These constant festivals and parades in Downtown Toronto just like the proposed Rail Deck Park cater mostly to the 1%, upper middle class and Tourists. Lol the poor and lower middle class can barely afford to take the TTC down and back from say Scarborough to Danforth because it will cost you $3.10 each way ($6.20 for travel alone) before whatever you spend there. And don't even bring up the 2 hr transfer bs because it docks time it takes you to travel to your destination and doesn't compensate for late/cancelled buses or the frequent stuck up driver who drives away when you waive your hand from the crosswalk on the opposite street corner.


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