Learn how to make a delicious, spicy peach chutney. This is a very similar recipe to the original Mrs Balls Peach chutney!

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  1. . . . ingredients and recipe sound extremely fine – I will have a try on this . . . one little tip for bottling: flipping the bottle right after having closed the lid firmly – while the content still being pretty hot – onto the lid will absolutely guarantee sterilization of the lid, too . . .

  2. I think the sugar cancels out the heat. I did a rhubarb hot sauce once and the heat from the peppers disappeared pretty quickly after you put it in your mouth. I suspect that the sweetness and the sour of the rhubarb canceled out the heat.

  3. None i have to make it. i sure do love the HELLS BEELS with all the peach jelly with fresh Cayenne grind up with apple cider vinegar full seeds. Looks so XMAS its a sweet, tangy, tastes! With lot of spice or heat he hee it creeps up on ya with the favors, AND BURNS! makes ya want even more he hee

  4. My wife loves Mrs Balls chutney! That looks amazing, I think only think I would change is to cook it a few minutes longer to highten the viscosity. Could be that it's a bit more flowy due to the temperature I suppose?

  5. I've never tried Mrs Ball's chutney but I will certainly be making this version of yours… probably 2 litres so as to quarter your batch.
    The one thing I have found making 'my chutneys' (I'm English and therefore biased) be they green-tomato, onion, tomato and red-bell-pepper etc is that the shear amount of sugar really masks any heat (I know you know this) so I have to overdo the chilli for my-own-personal tastes… my wife and children would still declare a 'bit' of heat anyway so I have to be mindful of their prefs.
    Hope you've seen the 'Teen Titans Go' episode about climbing the spice-ladder ("I'm a hot chilli…hot, hot hot chilli, chilli")! It's a hoot…. the song can be found on youtube.
    Regards, Mark.

  6. Why is it that I like your videos so much better than everybody else. And that is serious by the way! I could see using one fruity super hot in there. But I think it would be better with two or three habaneros. Either orange or yellow habaneros! That would probably make the perfect Chucky!! Stay spicy!

  7. I still don't understand why you don't like sugar, I mean I know it's not that healthy. I'm diabetic but actually do not pay too much attention on what type of sugar is in my food.

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