Spanakopita is traditionally a Greek savory spinach pie, and yes it does mean spinach pie! It often contains cheese, typically feta, and may be called spanakotiropita.

They are generally made with filo pastry, but to make it simpler I used ready made puff pastry. Rather than making a whole pie, these are individual serves that can be served as a starter or as an appetizer. You chose the size you like, simply cut out circles in your put.

I use baby spinach but you could use any spinach you like. Make sure you buy the real Feta cheese, usually spelt Feta and not Fetta. Only Feta is the real deal from Greece. I mixed it with ricotta as I find Feta too powerful. It needs a good glug of virgin oil in the mix and the addition of lemon zest lifts the freshness.

There’s plenty of greens with spinach, spring onion, and dill so it must be healthy right? If you prefer filo and have the time to make it then why not, it is more authentic after all.

Serve it with some Greek yogurt on the side, makes a great dip.

Enjoy my version of Spanakopita, or simply call them cheesy puff bites.

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  1. How to make these for my daughter's birthday so easy and so beautiful and so tasty I'm sure thank you for another wonderful gorgeous recipe and your furry baby is absolutely breathtaking

  2. I love spanakopita so much, and of course being Italian I love that you cut the feta with some ricotta, so clever and so delicious. Today I used puff pastry to use up some leftover broccoli rabe that I had, I sauteed some sweet Italian sausage and I rolled it all together with some fresh mozzarella and like you topped it with some sesame seeds, it was a beautiful thing, and a great way to use up some leftovers. I'm wanting to learn how to make some stuffed breads, have you ever made anything like that Chef? Like prosciutto and cheese stuffed kinds, or olive Mediterranean style preferably no knead simple easy to learn for the 1st time bread Baker kind?

  3. This is delicious, I love all the ingredients, is perfect for every ocasión or like snack with coffee, I always want coffee for everything, but I love your recipe like always, something new and super super good. 👍👍👍😋😋😋🍷🍷

  4. I'm definitely making these!! I have tried your other recipes and they have always turned out great.Your style and recipes are AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing them with us.


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