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  1. Love all your videos. I've tried some of your recipes and they are soooo…words just can't describe. If you're anything like me you love making your friends and family happy with food. Watching them do the happy dance is my favorite part. But barbecue in a crock pot?
    I don't know about that one.
    You need to come to a Texas cook off and talk with us pit masters. Bring your family and your hunger!

  2. Hello, Mrs. Vitale! Can you do a video on Iced Tea? I've fallen in love with your homemade coffee (ended up memorizing the entire recipe) and I want to try Iced Tea. Thank you and God bless!

  3. Instead of doing parts behind that camera can you just show everything. Just like how you said you pulled the bone out and shredded the chicken out then dumped it back in. Really enjoy your channel but when you don’t show everything it takes away from that.

  4. Yum, but when are you going to get a Instant pot & get on the instant pot train?? You would love itπŸ’• You could of done this all, searing & cooking all in 1hr or so 😁

  5. How did you know?! How did you know I was looking for a slow cooker recipe? Girl!!!! You just saved me since I’m working 12 hr shifts back to back. You are the best!


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