In this video, I make my go-to Greek salad recipe that I make 4-5 times per week. It is healthy and packed with tons of flavor. Make sure to watch until the end so you can hear my weekly riddle. Please do not forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel if you love salads as much as I do!

OXO Salad Spinner:




  1. Happy New Year, Katie, to you and your family. We just left TJ's for our long overdue food shopping and we picked up a bottle of the feta dressing you mentioned. Will let you know how it is! Keep up the good work!🙏💜

  2. It looks yummy! Going to pick up the ingredients for this next time. I know you love that feta, so this probably a dumb question, but is it better than the large container from costco?

  3. I literally make a similar salad almost every single day. I'm obsessed and all my kids eat it so -bonus! I use the olive garden dressing from costco – it's effortless!

  4. I hear there is a new product at TJS called pancake bread. I was hoping you could taste test it for us. I live hundreds of miles from TJS. But I will get to one!!!


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