***Filmed before the COVID-19 outbreak***
Today is a bittersweet day indeed 🙁 We have finally come to the end of our 6 days in Athens and the entirety of our European holiday! Our final day in Athens couldn’t have ended any better however as we stop off at 2 legendary Athenian eateries to fill our stomachs before we go. Our first stop is Kostas for some legendary burger pitas and souvlaki and our last stop is Diporto Secret Underground Restaurant! Diporto is an incredible and easy-to-miss hole in the wall restaurant that became one of our most treasured meals and experiences in the whole trip! So stick around for another day of delicious and amazing Greek food!


0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Pita at Kostas
2:25 – Diporto Secret Underground Restaurant!
9:26 – Leaving Athens
10:05 – Cinnabon!
12:05 – Outro (Closing out the Europe series)

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~ Camera – Panasonic Lumix G85
~ Lens – Panasonic Lumix 18-35mm
~ Camera Mic – Rode GO Mix
~ Editing Software – Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
~ Where we get our music – Musicbed



  1. ❤️ I’ve only just found your channel, I watched your Cheap Auckland Eats for students video (from a year ago lol) but honestly! The quality of your content is AMAZING!!!! I don’t understand why you don’t have so many people following your channel, you guys are doing so good, keep it up!

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