Rick continues his travels in Sicily, enjoying the colours and ambience of Catania’s busy fish market. He then travels to Puglia on Italy’s mainland, where the local dishes have been influenced by centuries of poverty. Rick cooks Peas with onions, parma ham and olive oil, then gives his take on the fennel sausage recipe he tasted at a local restaurant.
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Episode 3 of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes
Inspired by ‘good food that stays in the memory for a long time, sometimes forever’, Rick Stein journeys across the Mediterranean, visiting islands and places which radiate a vibrant sense of individuality through their spirit, history and food. From spices and perfumes to the lavish use of wine and herbs, Mediterranean food is a large culinary mosaic full of colour, taste and smell created by the Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Turks. Join Rick as he travels from Corsica to Crete, straight through the very cradle of cooking in the western world.

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  1. Did someone called the police since he kept eating their products?? 😂😂😂😂

    That truffle smells earth and dog's saliva. 😂😂

    Ok fine, I'm addicted to this documentary. The host is funny and easy going. His facial expressions are genuine. 👍♥️

  2. Stumbled on this and I love it, despite a slow start. It became exceedingly boring between 12:00 and 18:00 and I almost gave up. I'm glad I did not, the more I watched after that the more immersive it became. Thank you!

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  4. Mr. Stein is such a spoiled brat rich kid always leaving food in his dish after finishing a meal. if I had done that as a kid I would have been smacked in the head and told to clean my plate with a "scarpetta" or small shoe…made of bread of course!

  5. Hi Rick, your documentary are fantastic. I really enjoyed all the information I learned from your trip to Sicily as I'm planning to go there very soon. without breaking any rules, would be possible for you to tell me where is that place that shows on this video at 30:38 ?. I find it fascinating to go to family restaurant but I'm not quiet sure how to look for them , since they don't have internet presence. Thanks in advance.

  6. My family in western Germany pick wild greens instead of lettuce in the spring and summer. Pick mushrooms from the forest… grow food in wonderful hillside gardens. It’s really normal life, time to return to it. Leave the cities, they are corrupt and unhealthy


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