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  1. Dear Laura I stumble into your video and made this dish for my girlfriend and I and now she thinks I can cook. I had to tell her where I got the idea and she love it too.

  2. I'm confused in many other videos she say to NOT remove the garlic clove skin because it will burn and taste bitter! But in another video she peels them off and said they will become sweet.

  3. Her recipes are the kind a regular person would try out and enjoy. She ain't one of them fancy chefs who are a delight to watch but won't make it our kitchen. Laura you rock girl.

  4. I cooked this meal at 425 degrees for an hour and my chicken still came out pink🤨now I had to listen to criticism from my lady and she says why do I listen to people from youtube I have to listen from the food network

  5. Laura your so Awesome it turned out great except your fast it takes you a couple minutes to prep. It took me 10 minutes to prep. I had to cook it for an hour and 20 minutes because I was using whole legs 🙂


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