Gordon Ramsay lets it rip on these owners who seem to be OK with moldy food. After shutting down Yanni’s Greek Cuisine for the night, Gordon RamsayΒ hosts a meeting, but the owners still seem to be in denial regarding the state of the kitchen. Watch more restaurant drama like this on Kitchen Nightmares, FREE on Dabl Network TV! Visit https://bit.ly/2sGTUwA for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV



  1. Jon Taffer will be in everyone's ass, if anyone says about the word denial. Peter should also be on top of things and see all the spoiled food. That would result a white flag. Peter reminds me of Paul Ambus – The bully from Canyon Inn.

  2. It's not about not serving it, it's about contamination of the moldy stuff contaminating the fresh stuff, then nothing is fresh, if its moldy it has no right sitting in a fridge

  3. "But we're not serving it," how is the health department supposed to know that just by walking into your fridge? Nobody is going to just take you at your word. If your fridge has mold, it is a health hazard, end of story.

  4. The mistake the diners make is thinking because Ramsey was in town the food was going to be good. They needed to wait for the restaurant to reopen for the good food.

  5. This is why I tip servers 20% or more. They are always underpaid and over worked. To all the amazing people that handled my food thank you for grinding through the hard times πŸ‘πŸ‘

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