In today’s video I’m sharing 5 preschool lunch ideas with you. These ideas are so quick and easy, even YOUR picky eater will gobble up these HEALTHY ideas with hidden veggies and lots of FUN! These ideas are perfect to send with your toddler to preschool or day care and some of them are perfect for at home. I even have a lunch themed after my toddlers favorite You Tuber, BLIPPI

Instant Pot Recipe –

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  1. There's this Swedish soy-protein (I think it's soy…) called Oumph! The texture can sometimes be a giveaway but alot of vegetarian options will pass for meat if you say it is. In other words, simply saying that it's not the thing they dislike whilst disguising it as something else seem to be the most traditional and well working scheme! Worked for me as a kid. There are also alot of spices to help out, such as bacon seasoning – crunchy bites of vegan bacon seasoned with bacon seasoning will probably hide well in a (vegan) mac n cheese! Also, would you consider having a Swedish taste test with your kids? I could give you all the information needed! (meatballs, swedish pancakes, kaviar and such)

  2. Always love your amazing fun lunch ideas… Would definitely love to see more for picky eaters and for children who are changing to a gluten free diet for health reasons could definitely use some inspiration

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  4. My 4 yr old son and my 5 yr old Daughter Love watching Blippi so much that they want to buy one of his Collections lol love this idea cause my oldest is the pickiest eater ever πŸ™ˆ this is so much helpful…..thank you for sharing 😁

  5. Usually my pre-Ker will eat the same lunch as my older children. It just makes my life easier to be able to make one lunch and everyone eats the same thing. Today we had tossed salads topped with some grilled chicken that was leftover from last night's dinner. Yesterday everyone had ham sandwiches with carrots (with hummus) and apples (with peanut butter). Tomorrow I have a request for corn dog muffins with celery and strawberries.

    Honestly, I keep things as simple as possible. Usually the kids like to eat while they are doing their school work anyway so they can get done with their school day earlier.

  6. My daughter and I enjoyed these videos once upon a time but now I will have to unsubscribe and watch other people on YouTube….I don't appreciate being blocked from the lunch group for no reason

  7. My preschooler love pasta fagioli. Soup is super messy, so I drain off most of the broth into a cup and sprinkle cheese on the rest so it sticks together & is easier for him to eat without spilling a bunch, then he drinks the broth out of the cup.

  8. I’ve never heard of Blippi. I feel out of the loop. Lunches my preschooler likes is homemade lunchables, PB and J, hotdogs without the bun, Mac N cheese, pizza and corn dogs. He will also eat a ham sandwich. I want to try breakfast for lunch and see how that goes. He tends to not like anything I put in a thermos except hotdogs and Mac n cheese.

  9. Hey Ms. Jennifer! Pardon my formal language, but thank you for making these videos! I'm in final year of middle school and make all my own lunches, and your videos help me come up with more ideas and meals for myself, keeping it new.

  10. Yay I have been waiting for something pertaining to a younger age group, I have a almost 19 month old and it can be hard to figure out meals for her, I mean does anyone else have a kid that won’t eat a hot dog like mine?


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