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a huge thank you to princess polly for sponsoring this video! i hope you guys enjoy the haul – can’t wait to upload the greece vlogs soon!!

links to everything shown in the video:
💙 donald tee
💙 sweatpants
💙 colorful necklace
💙 pearl necklace
💙 floral dress
💙 white lace dress
💙 blue hair clip
💙 blue headband
💙 blue romper
💙 sun necklace
💙 cobalt blue purse
💙 white sunglasses
💙 mini star hair clips
💙 idk
💙 green flower crop
💙 blue sun dress
💙 blue floral midi dress
💙 blue light glasses
💙 pink/orange tub top
💙 green/yellow/blue floral dress
💙 tote
💙 bucket hat

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