On Sunday we held the 9th Online Learn Greek Virtual Event.

The topic was: Food

We met with The Greek Chain members and two special teachers from Greece – Anna Exakoustou and Maria Georgiou.

We met up in my second world called The Greek TaVRna – Lounge where we first discussed in Greek what our worst foods were, then what our favourite foods are (apart from Greek). And finally, we went around the table to discuss what foods we saw…

What is it?
A live virtual FREE learn Greek discussion event.

When and what time is it?
Sundays at 6:00pm (GMT+2) sharp.

How much is it?

How does it work?
We’ll meet up in a chosen virtual world. I’ll then ask a question and give us a task for the day where we will then go around the virtual world and share our answers in Greek, English and even both.

How will you benefit?

• Improve our Greek speaking, listening & understanding
• To connect and learn from new learners and qualified teachers
• Boost our confidence & knowledge
• Enjoy the VR way of learning Greek

Who is the host?
Timon Rossolimos, founder of The Greek Chain.
How do I join the next event?

All you need to do is read through this quick PDF illustrated user guide, on how to join the next live virtual learn Greek event by clicking on this link…

Please share this post to your friends via email so they can also take part in this live virtual event opportunity.

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