This easy homemade no-knead Mediterranean olive bread will blow your socks off. You won’t be able to find anything that compares to it on the shelf and it is remarkably easy to make. No-kneading… Mother Nature does the kneading for you. No yeast proofing… instant yeast does not require proofing. No mixer…ingredients are combined with a spoon… This recipe uses a blend of Mediterranean olives, olive oil, thyme and lemon and has a wow factor of 10.

Thanks – Steve

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  1. A day later, took the Mediterranean bread out of the oven an hour ago. Had some with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Wow, wow, wow. If I got this in a restuarant, I would tell everyone about the place.

    My wife loves it. Now, she will never leave me. 😈

  2. Steve, 2 or 3 questions!!
    1) Can I bake this as a loaf in a big Pan de Mie without the cover.
    2) Can I add chunks of asiago..if so how much ? Will it stick..wld I have to reduce olives?
    3) Wld I have to heat my pan de mie ur claypot?
    Thanx..u r truly amazing 👍👍🌷

  3. Steve, I've made several of your bread recipes and love them; especially the olive bread. I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I plan to make the olive bread as a gift and will be taking it on a day long flight. Would it travel best and fresh if I made the bread, wrapped in tinfoil and froze it the night before leaving and then let it thaw during my flight – resting in my carry-on? Or should I skip the freezing? Thanks!

  4. This guy is so calming , feels good after a hectic day, your voice is so calming, you should make tape where you just talk for people like me , I feel so much calmer THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH .

  5. l Love your "nothing but the facts" approach with minimal, yet efficient visual reference.
    My kind of foodie friend. Oh, few throw rugs might cut the echo. 🙂

  6. The production style of Steve’s videos, the recipes & the results are outstanding. This bread went down so well with my family. 10 out of 10. I have a cloche the same as. Steve’s so it was easy to follow his instructions to the letter. The result was exceedingly pleasing.

  7. Hi your bread looks awesome. Just want to know if you have also placed a pizza stone in the oven to preheat along with the cloche to generate more heat to bake this bread.

    FREE videos and tips and techniques on ARTISAN BREADS.
    I Have watched a number of "homemade bread" and "no knead" and "artisan" vids…and so far…

    YES, I am a very picky broad!!

    Thank you, sir!!



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