To follow this recipe step by step make sure your success in making yogurt at home. The most benefit of making yogurt at home is that we can control the amount of sugar consumption in the food we eat daily. Less sugar or starch in the recipe is one the the best way to keep us healthy.

* Yogurt Recipe
1) Tools Sterilized Liquid
– 30ml vinegar
– 300ml water
2) Ingredients
– 1400ml milk
– 200g sweetened condensed milk
– 100g yogurt starter
– Fruity jam (optional)

* Necessary Tools
– Greek Yogurt Maker
– Pot
– Spoon
– Small size jars

* Make sure all of the tools used to make yogurt are sterilized in order to help the yeast in yogurt starter can grow as strongly as possible.
* Use newly made yogurt starter or the one that is not exceeded one week from the day of making. Only use plain yogurt rather than fruit mixed yogurt or drinking yogurt.
* Strongly recommend using ordinary milk instead of skimmed milk or high calcium supplement milk.
* Using a yogurt maker helps reduce the effort of sterilizing all the jars that is used directly for fermentation.
* This recipe is not so sweet because I add jams at the end of the process. If you do not like jam or have a sweet taste preference you should increase the amount of sweetened condensed milk

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