A NATO investigation into a naval stand0ff between French and Turkish ships in June has been rated too sensitive to discuss in public, diplomats have told Reuters.
The issue underlines NATO’s difficulties with Turkey, also at odds with Greece over energy rights and with the alliance’s leader, the United States.
It now seems unlikely that the investigation can resolve the sp@t. A NATO official confirmed the report had been finished, but declined further comment.
“It’s been swept under the carpet,” one European diplomat said.
Another said NATO’s determination to keep Turkey onside, because of its military clout and strategic location, meant there was no willingness to point a finger.
And so both sides claim victory, and accusations continue to be traded.
The men are also at l0ggerheads over Greece, which disputes Turkey’s right to explore for hydrocarbons in waters claimed by Greece or Cyprus.
France has demonstratively joined Greek naval exercises.
Disputes with Turkey within NATO are not new.
But it seems local tensions can for now be overlooked and NATO has decided to leave Turkey, France and Greece to f!ght with each other.
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  1. It is the international law of the sea (UNCLOS) on which Greece bases it's claim

    Article 121 states that inhabited islands, such as Kastelorizo, have the same claims, among them also their EEZ, as any coastal territory. Greece consist largely of islands and their claims form an internal sea which is the EEZ of Greece.

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