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Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting was created by Anita Zachou following her passion for nature, olive oil, and a healthy lifestyle. She was born and raised in Athens – Greece but spent almost all her childhood vacation in #Kalamata (South of Peloponnese), her mother’s homeland. When she finished school it came so naturally for her to study Agronomy. She was so curious to learn how nature really works and how she could contribute to this amazing process. Her great passion for gastronomy and good olive oil led her to seek deeper knowledge and become a professional Olive Oil Taster in 2012. Later on, she was granted a scholarship by the International Olive Council (IOC) to attend the most prestigious course in the world on olive oil tasting at the University of #Jaen in #Spain, from which she holds the title of Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting.
She believes that learning to taste, select and pair olive oil with food is one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge that one can offer himself since olive oil is not only a main culinary ingredient consumed every day but a unique & precious health & wellness elixir.
Anita is also a Certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach and a HeartMath Licensed Mentor. She is a Member of the Italian Association, of Olive Oil Tasters (ONAOO), the Spanish Olive Oil Gastronomy Academy, the International Coach Federation, the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization, and the Greek Food Network (Zorbabook). She participates as a judge in various International Olive Oil Competitions.

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