This is Snack Surprise for july 2020, Greece edition! Loved most of this, was one item we weren’t fond on X My daughter megan was nagging me all day to be in this video and was so excited i couldn’t say No lol X Costs me £12.99 a month, although you can get a premium box for £23.99 where you get more snacks which im considering upgrading too x


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  1. Aww nice to meet your daughter Megan! She was a brave girl lol, she didn't like the sour drink either did she!? I was laughing when you was pushing her head into the packet to sniff it lol! The drink looked good to me, as did the biscuits that you didn't try. Cheeky those Oragamo crisps were only about a quarter of the packet in size! Good video Amanda, looking lovely as ever!

  2. im a bit late ^_^ Meghan's excitement is shouting at me hahahaha, so adorable. this segment is so eye catching. take care both of you, and please drink a lot of water after eating salty foods ^_^

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