Mimakos Taverna “Greek Night” – Rhodes, Greece

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David’s Been Here brings you all the best sites, sounds and flavors during its extensive travels through Greece. Perched on a hill just 5 minutes north of Afantou town sits Mimakos Taverna, famous for its unforgettable Greek Night. Join David for some of the best food, music and dancing around as the Rhodian Rhythm Dance Group keeps you clapping and shouting all through the night. Come with an open heart and stomach to this lively venue and be prepared to have the real Greek experience. Call ahead to reserve a spot at Mimakos and make sure you come during the Greek Night- truly an unforgettable experience!

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Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.


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Mimakos Taverna “Greek Night” – Rhodes, Greece




  1. Great videos David! How long have you been working on your YouTube channel? I've been working hard on mine and getting it out there. The content is great, its just hard to get it seen in this crazy world of billions of videos. I'm also a travel vlogger and CEO and founder of Hopscotchtheglobe[dot]com. Looking forward to connecting:)


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