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My epic Miami Street Food series continues with a taste of Middle Eastern street food in my hometown of Miami, Florida! Come join me and my father as we dine on some tasty Middle Eastern favorites, including falafel, kibbeh, hummus, lamb kafta, gyros, and much more!

We headed over to the Original Daily Bread Marketplace in Coconut Grove. It was established in 1975 and I’ve been going there for decades! We were going to try a mix of Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish food and I could not wait. They have a market, a kitchen, and a restaurant!

Inside, Josy took us on a tour of the market before we headed to the kitchen where we saw a woman rolling out grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat! We also saw some cream-filled baklava topped with sugar syrup and crushed pistachios.

I watched them fry up some falafels, which are chickpea fritters with parlsey and onion. We got some tabbouleh, hummus, pilaf, lamb kafta, rice with vermicelli noodles, baba ghanoush, and more!

Everything looked incredible! I started with the lamb kafta and baba ghaloush, which was heavenly! Baba ghanoush is my favorite! Everything we had was so healthy and fresh, and it’s made fresh in-house.

Next, I tried the tabbouleh, which was so fresh and crunchy. I loved the burst of tomatoes. They’re my go-tos when I visit Daily Bread Marketplace! The fries with roasted thyme had a nice spice to them. Then, I dug into the beef shawarma with onions. I loved the cut of the beef and the caramelized flavor of the onions. I tried it with some hummus, which was super delicious and perfect! It’s original hummus made with just chickpeas and olive oil.

Then, I went for the Greek salad, which was a little different because of the pickled onions. The feta cheese in it was so buttery!

Next, I tried the stuffed grape leaves (dolmathes) with vegetables. It fell apart on me but it was so good! Then I tried the meat one with hummus, which I think pairs well with everything. It was too good! It was richer than the veg one. The cabbage leaf stuffed with rice and vegetables took me back to Hungary. Next was the falafel, which I tried with the tahini. It was fresh and dense and crunchy! I also liked it with the hot sauce and the spicy aioli. The aioli was creamier and super spicy! I needed some yogurt to calm down the heat!

Then, I tried the kibbeh with tzatziki. I loved how crunchy and beefy it was. It was so delicious! Next was the spanakopita, or Greek spinach pie. It’s best eaten plain. I loved the layers of dough and the delicious spinach. Spanakopita with honey is an amazing breakfast!

Then, I jumped on the gyro, which contained beef, lamb, tomatoes, and lettuce. It’s a great meal by itself. It’s really refreshing and is a nice summer food. Then, for dessert, we had two types of baklava, a layered Greek pastry. The traditional Greek version contains walnuts, and we also got another with cream and pistachios. We had some Turkish coffee as well.

The layers in the baklava were amazing and so crunchy. The layers on the outside are super crispy while the ones on the inside are nice and soft. The combination with the creamy filling was amazing! Then, I tried the original Greek version, which was heaven in my mouth. I loved the amount of mashed-up walnuts. It was super decadent!

Then, we went back to the market to buy some stuff for the weekend! We got some baklava, kalamata olive hummus, baba ghanoush, Turkish delights, and cashew lady fingers. What a way to end our day!

Where have you been?

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  1. Your dad is really cool, be thankful for all the moments you share. Thanks for the video, new sub from Mark Weins channel. Thanks David! love that Mediterranean food!

  2. I love your videos very much but the only problem I have is that is always the same reaction and its imposible to like everything the same way, as an advice (if you want to take it of course) be more real, mire honest so you can have more credibility. When food bloggers have the exact same reaction it means to me that they are not being honest, same thing happens with Mark Wiens, I don’t trust his critic because of his 1: laugh, 2: movement of the head 3: wow !!! and repeat over and over and over.

  3. First, thanks for a great mouth watering video, secondly, you earned my respect young man for having your sweet Dad by your side.

  4. Just loved all your videos David…You n your father are so humble especially Uncle is so humble and respectful for each bite coz he respects everything n u on otherwise is fab ..love you n want to see your Momma,Ann and your two daughters,brother n You all together in one video eating together ❤️🙆🙆🤩

    Love from India🙆❤️

  5. I am sooooooo jealous watching you enjoy that Gyro. I would give up hamburgers and hot dogs for life if I had access to Gyros whenever I wanted one.

  6. David … In Greece, Stuffed cabbage rolls are called "Lahanoldolmathes". That food looks absolutely amazing. When I come to Miami, will you take me to this place for Gyros and much more? I'll buy!

  7. Very interesting show. But you need to remember you must have let your father have the first bite. This is middle eastern tradition. Also Iran is also in middle east. You forgot did you not?

  8. I think sir.. When we eat some food that time we shouldn't apply for rules and regulations.. Because when we apply some rules that time we can't feel their taste and smell.. and they also not effects our body..
    Plz don't take seriously it's only my comments…

  9. Hummus has garlic, tahini or sesame seeds, lemon juice, water and olive oil added to the chickpeas which can either be raw if soaked for 12 hours or more or cooked.

  10. Plz don't touch the outer surface of the mask. It defeats the whole purpose of wearing one

    In India,we call minced meat as kofta. Thank u for this video

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