Check out what’s for lunch this week! Come along as I show you the Mediterranean diet inspired lunches that fueled me this week!
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Mediterranean Keto Complete Guide with Google Doc:

Granola Bar Recipe:

Greek Dressing Recipe:

Easy Homemade Greek Dressing

Mediterranean Chicken Salad:
I used 2 cans of chicken breast from Sam’s Club & omitted cucumber

Cucumber Dill Rotisserie Chicken Salad

Poached Eggs Silicone Holders:

Redmond Real Salt:

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  1. I don't like cheese of any kind🤮 . I know I'm an anomaly (and no I'm not lactose intolerant).🤣🤷🏿‍♀️.I think Mediterranean would be tough for me!

  2. The whole family is doing a 30 day Keto challenge as we have all put on 10 kilos in the last year 🤣😤 so I decided that we are ALL doing Keto / Carnivore. I have done Keto for the last 3 years but after a death in the family, I got addicted to cakes 🍰 so I am going over all your videos for recipes and meal prep ideas. I forgot how much I love 💕 sardines!!! I also purchased the Southern Keto cookbook and look forward to cooking different recipes (I am in Brisbane Australia 🇦🇺) I love how you make biscuits… when you say biscuits in Australia its what you call cookies 🍪 😍👍 Looking forward to this challenge and I will definitely make the Queso!!! Already ordered the chiles from Amazon so they will arrive here in a week. Thanks, Nicole I seriously love your channel! 🙏🏻✌🏻👋

  3. Hi Nicole what calculator do you use to find out how many calories you should eat a day? I have been trying to find an accurate one online but all the websites are inconsistent with one another. I am not sure if I am eating enough or too many calories to help lose weight. Also what helps prevent hair loss/thinning? I am noticing a change in my hair

  4. Hey Nichole I broke down and placed an order with Perfect Keto a large one but with the discount I wished I would have ordered more. Those peanut butter cookies are Devine. My non keto brother ate a pack and loved them. I ordered 2 boxes. Thanks for great discount, got my Collagen x3

  5. I have really been enjoying the Mediterranean keto videos. Keep it coming. I think this style of keto is perfect for the summer when you would want to eat lighter foods.

  6. Hi Nicole, I'm confused when do you take collagen and the protein powder? Do you mix them together with almond milk or within your coffee? Are they both from the Equip brand? Planning to use as a shake for after workout instead of having a snack.

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