Food in Latin; Meat, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Ham, Bacon, Pork Chops, Hamburger

There many names for some foods. Some alternatives are presented. For a comprehensive list see

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Created and edited by Luke Amadeus Ranieri

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Only the words printed on the screen are meant to be fully understood. If you don’t understand every spoken word, that’s okay! Eventually, you will. 😊

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  1. Just to an odd quirk of history in Norman rule, English manages to get most of the names of the animals from Anglo-Saxon, but the names of their meats from Latin via Old French.

  2. I had forgotten how many animals are edible D: In Spanish many of this words are almost intact if not in writing in pronuciation: gallina, vaca, toro, puerco, huevo. and some that really changed like cordero/oveja (aries) and venado (vitulus).

  3. Incrivel como o latim tem o poder de acrescentar beleza ao que é dito, qualquer coisa que se diga em latim, tende a ficar bonito…Mas temos que fazer justiça, pois uma boa locução também ajuda. Eu se tivesse uma voz bonita e dominasse o latim, sairia lendo até receitas como se fosse declamar um poema, hahahaha .

  4. 2:07 „Salvē, mihi nōmen est Alīxa, īsicium būbulum sum “ 🤪 – eine schöne „Wörterbuchübersetzung“ von Hallo, ich bin Alīxa, ich bin Hamburger“

    Perquam dēlector talibus nūgīs 🤓😂
    “Mir geht es gut und meine Mutter Brunnen auch.”
    “Amō vītam, amō generem”
    The latter is a real line from a REAL song a German band came up with 😂 They used an English-Latin dictionary, I suppose 🙈

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