Me and my brother are making mushy mimi, a dish of instant ramen noodles and zucchini cooked into a paste served as an afterschool snack. It sounds gross, right? And for most it probably is, but to me, and the only other human on the planet that shares this memory with me; it’s pretty good. Thanks, Wee. 💕

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just making mushy mimi.

“Finkelstein’s Walk in the Rain 3” courtesy of Royalty-free Sprightly and from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “Abbondanza!”



  1. Love you Emmy thanks for having such a wonderful relationship with your sibling. Family is one of the most important thing and wonderful things god has ever blessed us with. Thank you 😁🤗

  2. So, we found it folks. Mushy Mimi must be the fountain of youth—because Emmy and bro are for sure going to still look 25 even when they're 90.

  3. My mom would make me something very similar as a kid, but instead of zucchini, she used seaweed and I'd mush it in my mouth. This also reminds me of a Filipino dish called miswa na patola (i think). It uses miswa/misua noodles, ground pork, fish sauce, and a zucchini-esque/gourd-like veggie called patola.

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