New clues discovered regarding the Mysterious and lost #Civilization. The scale of the #Ancient #Discoveries we speak about in this video are off the charts, the Greek #Pyramid Island and the 41 THOUSAND year old worms reanimated in 2019 are stunning talking points and the result of extensive research!

Narrated by BuzWeaver:

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  1. I think the island might be a necropolis – a handy place to leave your dead for air burial and later interrment, adjacent to the larger island, so you don't have to trip over bodies and graves all the time.

  2. Do tell the archeologists that in ancient times an geo-polymer technology was used to build strucutres. They mixed some sand of a particular type with something else and when it dried like cement it looked like marble. That explains the giant statues and coumns in temples etc and even in structures that are only a few centuries old such as Saint Petersburg. There are some scientists and laboratories in Paris that have attempted to reconstruct this science and have succeeded. They didn't have to transport stones like those of Stonehenge and of the pyramids. They poured the special type of cement into moulds…

  3. "After being frozen for over 40,000 years". Good video, but goodness gracious this dating crap is getting out of hand. In NO WAY can you say they were frozen for that long. NOTHING proves anything has been around that long. The pyramid is 5000+ years old… read your Bible.

  4. the video is half true there are NUMEROUS constructions of the same and much OLDER age than this scatered all around greece and mediteranean sea in general , before the myceneans and the minoans there where the minians which they were masters of huge constaructions , the lake koumoundourou in athens attica is a man made construction more tha 7000 years old , the oldest known pyramid is sitted on greek soil is called " Pyramid of hellinikon " . Dispilion tablet , a 7.000 year old wooden tablet found in a cave depicts the greek alphabet and it is surpassing anything summerian for a good 2000 years , Sesklo a ~8500 years old city and its twin town Dimini proove the indoeuropean propaganda false ! , there have been found metalic and bone bridles of +11.000 years and they fit only on types of horses that they are exciting long ago but they ( the international archeology comunty ) do not give any credit to anything above just because it brakes theyre doctrine that all humanity was in semi wild status until sudentl;y and literally a few years ago some dune dwellers came up with the civilasation , i know all this sound so science fiction and ultranationalistic but those freakin rocks do not lie , search about the work of Aris Poulianos its an anthropologistist and always worked with the rules of the science community and by his work alone the indoeuropean theory is prooven fiction made from german smartass politics in mid 18th century just to serve they cause that they are not actually the first mongol horde , i know im an ultranationalist neonazist call me whatever u want , search the work of that man that he was directly and indircetly rpadblocked by a pig called eletherios benizelos a politician active with the PASOK party that ruined greece and drag ed into imf and so on , thats all , if u are european u want to know what Aris Poulianos worked about

  5. Ancient Egyptians are just lucky usurpers. They got a lot of cred by inhabiting an area with miraculous structures.. none of which they actually made. In fact, they destroyed the best of what they inherited.

  6. This is nothing new it has been known for years that you can find frozen bacteria and other life forms and bring them back to life how do you think the planet restarts itself after a major extinction event! This is a no shit Sherlock type of descovery!!!

  7. Hello Michael… firstly may I say wow !! Superb publication mate I was jaw dropped when watching this I was flat put with the kids last night so I missed it until now sorry …. it's not beyond the realms of possibility that global civilisation was working hard together to perform stasis of all different methods seems that many different platforms for ascendancy to the stars were in place … these cultures realised that cataclysms were coming and they were surely experimenting with many survival methods the kings list and the ages of the kings does give credence to this fact …. let's be honest the same phenomena was going on in china Bosnia egypt south america Russia now also Greece with this excellent finding superb work …. what a huge undertaking to move such an amount of stone (this seems a phenomenal achievement) it could of gone on for many thousands of years … I wonder if civilizations were working hard together at this point realising that internal fighting on the earth was not going to save civilization from up and coming cataclysms so as stated were working hard to.preserve us as humans …. I wonder if there is any quartz crystal content at this site you have shown in Greece…. if there is maybe this was a huge functional attempt at what others were trying around the world I once said the pyramids were practiced for many thousands of years by mayan Egyptian etc etc maybe this was what they were trying to perfect…. THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN RACE … without a shadow of a doubt this is up there with the most eye opening work you have done …. superb work Michael and buzz …. (can I be cheeky and sort a light up the dark mug I want one for my lost history collection il sort the money out for you I am your biggest fan after all 👍😉👍😉👍😉👍) all the best guys!!!

  8. Does he say "patriot" like that too?

    I mean, I get that there are two consonants between the vowels, but still. Tomayto, tomahto.

    Regardless of the aforementioned statement, good work as always. +1 like

  9. I wish that, one day, humanity will grasp the concept of how the soul leaves the body. When we die our essence or soul is recycled to do all of the very mundane tasks again. It is only when we are adept enough to escape this cycle that we are truly free!!

  10. Thanks you sound smoother praise the lord thank you. What  you have to share is interesting so it helps me learn from you when its more pleasant to listen to. No offence everyone processes information differently so smooth works much better for someone who has heightened senses. Good JOB!


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