This is the longest spoken word in the world. Someone said it’s in the Guinness Book of Records (1992), but I haven’t checked this myself.

It is a recipe in one word! 😀
But, don’t try this at home!

λοπάς (dish, meal)
τέμαχος (fish slice)
σέλαχος (shark, ray)
γαλεός (tope, dogfish, small shark)
κρανίον (head)
λείψανον (remnant”)
δριμύς (sharp, pungent”)
ὑπότριμμα (gen. sharp-tasting dish of several ingredients grated & pounded together)
σίλφιον (laserwort)
κάραβος (crab, beetle, or crayfish)
μέλι (honey)
κατακεχυμένος (poured down)
κίχλη (wrasse, thrush)
ἐπί (upon, on top of)
κόσσυφος (a kind of sea-fish or blackbird)
φάττα (wood pigeon)
περιστερός (domestic pigeon)
ἀλεκτρυών (chicken)
ὀπτός (roasted, baked)
κεφάλιον (diminutive of “head”)
κίγκλος (dabchick)
πέλεια (pigeon)
λαγῷος (hare)
σίραιον (new wine boiled down)
βαφή (dipping)
τραγανός (crunchy)
πτέρυξ (wing, fin)



  1. Funny, but it is not greek. Not in pronunciation, not in rythm, not in meaning, not in "music vibration"… Those were essential in greek language. Nice try, but remove the "reconstructed ancient pronunciation" title… At least try it with a greek actor that has experience of greek texts…

  2. Your pronounciation skills are completely wrong. Hell, it's horrible sorry it's tragically horrible. However taught you this pronounciation deceived and made fun of you and must be beaten up like a cushion doll for example. This word you meantioned by the way CAN exist, but it doesn't exist. It's like suggesting a word like ''Subjectism'' instead of ''Mathematics''.

  3. Μπορείτε να μου στείλετε τον σύνδεσμο σε μήνυμα ή σε ότι σας βολεύει ;;; Ή να προστεθεί στα σχόλια κάτω απο το ίδιο το βιντεάκι.


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