Join me as I stroll along New York City’s foodiest neighborhood at Astoria Queens and explore it’s finest restaurants! My first stop was Rosario’s, an Italian specialty store that makes its fresh mozzarella in house. They also make pizza, which is rare for an Italian grocery store. The place was in a bad spot for internet signal and so I left. Don’t worry, you can catch my pre-recorded video review of Rosario’s on this channel.

My next stop was Tufino Pizzeria Napoletana. Upon entering, the owner recognized me and offered to comp me a free pie, to which I obliged, due to the pleasing look of the pizza. After seeing the pizzas being made, and hearing the owner talk about the great ingredients he used, I knew the pizza was going to be very good at the least and so I said yes to his offer despite the pressure it posed. It was my first time scoring a pizza with the nice guy owner watching me! Sure enough, I believe I got it right, because I checked the One Bite App after the stream ended, and it was exactly what I scored it ! If the pizza had a slightly darker bottom I would have gave a few extra decimals.

After tasting and then scoring the pizza live on the air, I took a brief walk down a residential street and picked up my Greek food at Niko’s Souvlaki. After walking all the way back to my car to eat, I found out that I did not receive any of the sauces that come with the food, and so I didn’t eat it, but I gave you guys a great look at the food.

I spent the rest of the stream walking into various pizzeras and bakeries and showing their products. We had great conversations about pizza culture, Greek Food and more!

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  1. I would strongly urge you to check out dough vale in wburg. Sit at the counter and chat with the owner. Try some of the pizza. He's quite a character. And pizza delicious. Tiny place so go somewhat off hours.

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