The color of the desert meets the total white of the salt, surrounded by the Greek blue. Traditional castle towns, impressive human creations, stunning virgin nature, endless romantic moments. Lemnos island. Northern Aegean – Greece.
Population: 17 thousand people. Area: 477 km2. capital: Myrina
40′ from Athens by plane
9 hours from Lavrio & 3:30 hours from Kavala by ferry
The 8th-largest island of Greece. it is mostly flat, hence its more than 30 sandy beaches. Famous for a variety of high quality hand made products & husbandry tradition. One of the island’s major attractions, is the castle! It was erected by the Byzantine emperor Andronikos I Komninos (1118-1185) on the site of older walls, most probably ancient. In the 1970s, Rhodes donated to Lemnos three deer. Now there are some 50 to 70 deer living freely within the castle walls, adding to the pleasure of your visit. the castle divides Myrina in two seaside neighborhoods – the Romeiko (Greek) and Turkiko (Turkish) Yialo (shore). Enjoy your walks in each of them. Different views, same beauty!
Top beaches:
Number one: Keros beach. 32 km north east of Myrina. Sandy, partly organized, secluded. The strong wind makes this long beach great for windsurfing and other water sports. Behind the cliffs there is the free camping spot. Ideal also for caravans.
Number two: Thanos beach. 4 km south of Myrina. Partly organized, sandy, family friendly. This long beach has soft sand and clean water. The left & right parts of this beach are organized with sun beds and umbrellas at the famous Costa Costa beach bar & Pantelis!
Number three: Havouli beach. 32 km east of Myrina. Fine sand and greek blue crystal waters. A perfect spot for free camping! At Havouli beach bar you may find food, drinks and party music…
Number four: Gomati beach. 20 km north east of Myrina. Windsurfing, Sandy, Secluded, Non Organised.
Number five: Evgatis beach. 7,6 km south east of Myrina.
Number six: Philoctetes cave. 37 km north east of Myrina. Enter through the Cabeirian sanctuary site.
Number seven: Myrina beaches. At walking distance, on each of the two shores of Lemnos capital.
Top Attractions:
Number one: Hephaistia ancient city and theatre. 28,5 km north east of Myrina. The ruins of Hephaistia are what remains of an ancient city that flourished during the 5th and 4th
century BC. The god Hephaistos was its protector and so was worshipped. Τhe theatre is just stunning!
Number two: Panagia Kakaviotissa chapel. Ιt is located inside a rock cavity at an altitude of 260 m. Ιt was founded in 1416 A.C. & used to be a shelter for monks and hermits. It requires a 20-minute walking through a path. This hidden gem has a striking location with impressive view to the sea and the mountainside of Lemnos. The best time to visit would be in the evening when the chapel is flooded by natural light.
Number three: Golden sand dunes. 20 km north of Myrina. These natural formations are covering an area of 70,000 sq m. an extremely rare phenomenon, in Greece at least, this surreal landscape is attracting more and more visitors by the year.
Number four: Salt lakes. 32 km north east of Myrina. Near Kontopouli are Natura 2000 wetlands consisting of three lakes – Alyki, Hortarolimni & Asprolimni. They produce high-quality salt. Many migratory birds spend time here, as any nature lover will want to.
Number five: Cabeirian sanctuary. 37 km north east of Myrina. The Cabeiroi were the children of Hephaistos & the sanctuary was the scene of the Cabeirian Mysteries which were related to the rebirth of nature and fertility.
Number six: Limnos Wind mills. 10 km east of Myrina. 5 beautiful windmills can be found above the village of Kontias.
Number seven: Thermal spa. 7 km north of Myrina, close to Kornos village. Today the spa is abandoned but you can visit the place, drink the healing hot water for free not to mention filling some bottles and take an outdoors street shower spa!
Lemnos villages
Kontias: 10 km east of Myrina. Kontias is one of the prettiest villages of Lemnos. It has traditional stone houses and the roads are lined with planes and lilac trees.
Thanos: 4 km south of Myrina. This traditional village is located in close distance to Myrina and Plati. It is surrounded by much greenery and has nice view to the sea.
Moudros: 27 km east of Myrina. Moudros is the second biggest town of Lemnos and has a lovely port for fishing boats. It was the base of operation for the Greek fleet in the First World War.
Agios Alexandros: 34 km northeast of Myrina you will find this traditional village that looks almost abandoned…
Lemnos island: an authentic destination.
Where to eat: Lemnos taverns – cafe and bars. Accommodation.
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    Myrina | Μύρινα 01:02
    Top Beaches 02:04
    Keros 02:10
    Thanos beach 02:26
    Havouli beach 02:44
    Gomati beach 03:06
    Evgatis beach 03:26
    Philoctetes cave 03:34
    Myrina beaches 03:58
    Top Attractions 04:09
    Hephaistia city & theatre 04:14
    Panagia Kakaviotissa 04:33
    Golden Sand Dunes 05:01
    Salt Lakes 05:24
    Cabeirian Sanctuary 05:48
    Limnos Wind Mills 06:04
    Thermal Spa 06:19
    Limnos Villages 06:35
    Kontias 06:42
    Thanos 07:03
    Moudros 07:17
    Agios Alexandros 07:27
    Where to eat: 07:46
    Accommodation 08:04
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