Learn how to make Lamb Borek! This amazing crispy meat-stuffed phyllo spiral is stunning to look at, and even more enjoyable to eat. Plus, this technique will work with and rollable fillings. Visit https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2019/04/lamb-borek-and-secret-of-sogginess.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this beautiful and delicious Lamb Borek recipe!

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  1. you should visit Bosnia and Turkey for the best boreks. you should use handmade phyllo. I think that is the trick. also, there are better quality phyllos in turkey. I hate the one you are using.

    google Bosnian borek Chef

    anyways looks delicious

  2. For the Balkans this is not authentic at all. Maybe for turky but that I dont know!We do not use tomato no raisens and no nuts and a lot of lard.But still a nice video!!

  3. Borek (or "burek" as we call it in the Balkans) is indeed a dish that originated in Turkey. I believe the spiral form of the burek is unique to Bosnia as my Serbian grandmother never made it that way (she made hers either flat or rolled like a jelly roll, but never in a spiral).

    When I make burek, I make a simple dough, roll it out thin, and use that instead of fillo (I can't deal with fillo dough. It dries out and quickly disintegrates no matter how fast I work and however I try and keep the dough moist). It's more like pita than burek, but the terms are mostly interchangeable to describe the same food item. My children love it with cheese, I love it with spinach and cheese, and my hubby likes it with meat fillings.

  4. Make your own phyllo if you have the time. It's really not hard but it makes a big difference. Takes the taste to a whole new level. Also, try different fillings. It's delicious with spinach, eggs, cottage cheese. We make pita in Balkans that's similar to this.

  5. As someone who doesn't like much sweet, fruity flavors mixing with my savory, can I substitute the dried currant/raisin for something else? Or just omit it as a component altogether? I haven't had lamb very often, but though my gut tells me mushroom wouldn't make a bad substitution, I wouldn't want to upset the flavor profile.

  6. It looks like an all stuffed crust pizza, yummy.
    While the pallet of spices is striking if you put some space between each, held it in frame for a couple seconds and overlay the name of each spice we could pause the video and see.

  7. Borek? i know yugoslavian Burek and turkish Börek, but no Borek. Man gabachos, every pc, every programm have ö, ü, ç, č and all forms of special letters somewhere, 1min of searching this is not to much work!

    The rest of the world we write all american shit correctly, you could at least try


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