Dinner is served everybody, and this episode #12 features Bawi Korean BBQ in south Springfield, Missouri!! I ordered 8 delicious sets of items from their to-go menu which was A LOT of food – all 5 Korean Bulgogi Dinners plus all 3 Bawi Rice and Japchae Noodle Bowls. Bawi Korean BBQ is rated as one of the top Korean BBQ restaurants in Springfield, MO and southwest Missouri. Thanks to the hard-working team at Bawi Korean BBQ for the delicious dinner they served me. BIG thanks to everyone helping us via Patreon for your support which is sponsoring this series where we help “mom and pop” small businesses and restaurants in Springfield, MO where I live.

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Here are all the items I ordered:
Bawi Bowls – Delicious chicken, beef or pork layered on top of rice and japchae noodles, topped with your choice of sweet chili or spicy chili sauce.

The 5 Bawi To-Go Bulgogi Dinners:
Chicken – Marinated in savory home-made mix with a soy sauce base.
Pork – Pork strips marinated in sweet house soy sauce recipe.
Beef – The Classic Korean BBQ, Sweet, savory, delicious thin strips of marinated ribeye.
Spicy Chicken – Chicken thigh marinated in spicy sauce.
Spicy Pork – BBQ with a spicy kick! Rubbed with Korean Gochujang paste.

The 5 Side Items chosen:
Kimchi | Pickled Radish Strips | Pickled Vegetables | Corn Salad | Vegetable Pancake

Check out Bawi Korean BBQ’s website and social media!!
Website: https://www.bawikbbq.com/home
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bawikoreanbbq

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This video was filmed on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 (5/13/2020).

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  1. i got food poisoning the other day and i have no urge to eat anymore. But i have a new urge to watch so many randy santel videos and i have no regrets. Awesome content

  2. Congratulations on 1 million subscribers you will hit it any minute great to see how much you have grown and how many fans u have now

  3. Hey man, last time I checked in was a couple years ago and you weren’t doing too well, I’m curious, are you feeling better now? Are things going well? I’ll be praying regardless, love your videos man <3

  4. I live in Missouri and I think it's pretty awesome you're doing this with local places. Promoting them and yourself. Great idea. I'm in St. Louis, but I'm gonna make a trip to Springflield just to try some of these places. Especially Bawi's. My love of bulgogi is that like Bubba Gumps love of shrimp.

  5. These lock down videos have been great Randy .
    You have been great for the local food businesses and I hope people have went out and tried new food after your video's 👍👍✌🍗👍🎂

  6. Korean and Chinese food looks like it's good for you w/the vegs and stuff. But in reality it's horrible health wise w/the way it's prepared……and the sodium content is outrageous. I'll bet ya pizza or a cheesesteak is better for you.

  7. Come by zen order all you can, samplers, blue crap cream cheese wontons and sauces blueberry chicken, butter fish, mahi, ribeye, NY Strips, scallops we have amazing fresh made sushi, try any of them: I like the spicier so I like crunch or fireball, wasabi fresh high quality pickle ginger to clense your pallet. We have everything all the others do but our is better… and get it before we get rid of em the cocoanut shrimp to!!! You'll love it. Not sure if you'll be able to eat all of it though but you be blown away by the flavors and the quality. Our food is the best I've ever had of anywhere Ive ever worked or otherwise and I've lived here 41 years.

  8. I like Randy because of his attitude. When he sees haters in the comments he doesn’t only see it as someone trying bring him down but rather as someone spending their own time talking about him and watching his videos. Respect.

  9. Your lucky😷 that looked yummy next ti.e I'm through Springfield I gotta check this place out for sure great video brother.

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