Located in Ventura, California, Greek at the Harbor is on the verge of closing. It’s up to Chef Ramsay to save the waterfront restaurant by improving the ho-hum food, the ancient décor and the relationship between a stubborn father and his son.



  1. imagine you’re at A party and the host just randomly announces that he’s going to do better in life and shits on his parents restaurant while he’s in his parents restaurant, I’m just confused on what reaction he was trying to get out of people was everyone supposed be hype for that shit ?

  2. 16:41 That is so fake lmao, you can hear that they edited in the "get out", and they didn't even do a good job. The dudes lips read "Yep/Yup" and he's giving a thumbs up. I understand this show is scripted in a way but still.

  3. I am still disgusted at the parents for taking that personally. The kid just wants his life to go in a different direction, and as an adult out of school, he had that choice.

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