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This harissa roasted chicken thighs with feta cheese and Greek yogurt is a one-sheet keto dinner recipe straight out of my brand new Keto Sheet Pan Dinners Cookbook!

It’s a delicious mix of simple chicken thighs, salty smooth feta cheese, spicy yogurt, red peppers and dill which come together to form the best flavour combination EVER!



  1. For some reason I don't want to want the ebook… but I do want the ebook 😂
    I think the reason i do want it is because of the video you did a few weeks ago about your favorite cookbooks and particularly the ones about flavor combinations. It made me wonder what flavor combinations you would come up with.

  2. Can’t put the ebook in shopping cart, url is either being hijacked or other e-commerce issue on your website. Pls fix so I can buy this.

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